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Agent Chaos by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent Chaos by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent Chaos began her career in bikedance in 2004 as a co-founder of The Sprockettes, in Portland, OR. In 2007 she moved to the Bay Area to achieve the “next level” of artistic and social experiments. After constant urging from roommate Agent Verve, they together began another chapter of the bicycle-dance phenomenon. Agent Chaos sees the first roots of a worldwide participation in this new avenue of expression and hopes it continues and graduates to many levels of difficulty and excellence.

Agent Verve by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent Verve by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent Verve, born and raised in the deep South, was always searching for something MORE in the performance world. Getting her degree in Performing Arts was not enough. She traveled the U.S. and abroad looking for home and found it in the Bay Area. She has taken an active role in the evolution of the Dérailleurs by choreographing, coordinating, and crafting this unique alter-genre to introduce to the world bike dance and create more bike advocacy in a car-infested country.

Agent Flux by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent Flux is an avid bicyclist who moved to San Francisco from Portland, OR one year ago. She thrives on art and social change, all forms of dance and creative expression, travel, nature, whiskey, spontaneity and unconventionalism. She fell in love with The Sprockettes when she first landed in PDX, and was thrilled to realize the bike dance revolution would be spreading down the west coast. She joined The Dérailleurs at the very beginning and can’t wait to see where they end up.

Agent DoubleOO by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent DoubleOO loves bikes, loves dancing, and loves the ladies! With an enormous appreciation for the lucky lives that we live, Double OO is constantly in search of ways to maximize the daily fun, inspiration, and motivation. Referred to at home as the Polymath, she attempts to sponge up as much information possible on widely varying topics. In addition, she will double dutch jump rope any time and anywhere, rescue and plant as many plants as possible, and eat the hell out of some tamales. When DoubleOO met the Sprockettes and B:C:Clettes in SF the summer of 2007, her life was changed forever in one of the best ways imaginable.

Agent Contrary by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent Contrary started with the Derailleurs in March of 2008. Her spicy Latina background has influences from Capoeira, breakdancing, and fire dancing. She lights up the crowd with the fire in her eyes and in her sass. She spends her week teaching Anatomy and taking care of plants for a nursery. She thrives on community, friendships, family, art, and alternative ways of thinking. She looks forward to influencing people to become more envoriomentally educated through the medium of bikedance and performing for varied audiences.

Agent Joke Star by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent Joke Star! rides a unicycle and loves to dance. So when she heard The Dérailleurs were interested in having her dance with the troop she was all like, “hail-zzz yeah!!” She felt so honored. The very thought of having beautiful, powerful women of all types incorporating bikes of all sorts into a spectacular whirlwind extravaganza was pure genius.

Agent Agitator by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent Agitator began dancing with the Dérailleurs in June 2008. Agitator believes in the power of artists coming together as a collective creating new work in the fields of dance, music, and art. She is a dedicated bicycle enthusiast and supports the cultural bicycle community through service and advocacy. The Cyclecide bus journey to PDX to perform and converse with like-minded groups gave her a sense of clarity and heightened her determination to move forward with the bicycle dance movement.

Agent Take the Lane by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Agent Take the Lane! witnessed the very first Sprockettes performance at the Multnomoah County Bike Fair in 2004 while living in Portland. She moved to San Francisco spring 2008 and saw The Dérailleurs first San Francisco performance at ArtSF and wanted to become part of this inspiring bike phenomena. As a bicycle activist and urban planner she is proud to be part of what she sees as a way to strengthen the bicycle community by building bike culture and the image of the bicycle/cyclists as fun and sexy machines!

Agent Road Rash by Richard Masoner.

Agent Road Rash found the Derailleurs in May 2009. From her first practice she was hooked and within a month was preforming with this fantastic group of women. As an advocate for pedal powered transportation and a lover of cycling, she was ecstatic to find a creative way to express her love for bikes.  She hails from Chicago and designs things like web sites for fun and money.

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