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Upcoming Performances:

Past Performances

May 12th, 2011: Bike Away From Work Party, Oakland, CA

March 25th, 2011: Bike Joust at The Roll up, Oakland, CA

February 19th, 2011: Zoobomb Mini Bike Winter, Portland, OR

February 12th, 2011: Freak Bike Cabaret, San Francisco, CA

September 26th, 2010: Mission Bicycle Festival, San Francisco, CA

September 9th, 2010: Put the Sea in Cycling Shimano Protest, SF, CA

July 31st, 2010: Bicycle Music Festival, SF, CA

February 14th, 2010: Zoobomb Mini Bike Winter, Portland, OR

February 7th, 2010: Black Label B.C. Stupor Bowl Party, Reno, NV
January 30th, 2010: Mini Bike Cabaret at the Box Factory, SF
November 21, 2009: Performance at the SF Bike Expo.
October 31, 2009: Scraper Bike Day in Oakland
September 2009: Bike Polo Tweed Ride Filming
July 25th, 2009: Dolores Park to Funland Fire Show
June 13 2009: Bay Area Derby Gils Oakland vs. SF halftime show, Fort Mason
April 22, 2009: Cougar Run (although Parks and Rec shut us down after one song )
March 12, 2009: Gold Rush @ Slim’s Benefit for Hollis Hawthorne
February, 2009: NIMBY Benefit, Oakland
September, 2008: PedalMonster, Ace Junkyard SF
September 2008: Scraper Bikes For Life Silence the Violence Ride, Oakland
July 20, 2008: Sprock Out With your Cog Out, Ace Junkyard SF
June 23, 2008: Sprockettes Bicycle Bash, Portland OR
April 3, 2008: Maker Fair, San Mateo Fairgrounds
March 31, 2008: Art of the Bicycle, ArtSF


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