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Fuzzy Heads Against Oil Spills

May 7, 2010

oil spill blues

We’re pretty bummed about this oil spill business, not (just) because we’re rabid oil-hatin’ car-hatin’ haterz but because, well, how could you not be?  Even those who drink a half-gallon of gasoline just for breakfast are looking at the destruction and thinking, hm, maybe this isn’t gonna be worth it after all.  And the oil hasn’t even hit shore yet.

So, what to do?  Well, you can reduce your reliance on petroleum – Agent F-Word is going on a plastics fast (no new plastics for a month! it’s hard already), and we’re all trying even harder to buy local, and if you’d like to reduce your reliance on gas-powered personal transport, Agent Take the Lane has a Bay Bridge bike lane to sell  you (did that even make any sense? you know, like the old joke, right? …anyway).   But if you want to do something more immediate, check this out:

If you don’t wanna watch the whole thing, the takeaway message is, otter pups are adorable!   I mean, hair collects oil!  So what we need for the Gulf, and for the thousands (!) of smaller oil spills which happen every year, is a hell of a lot of hair.  Shave your head, shave your friends’ heads, give your dog a dashing summer ‘do, and then get the clippings to Matter of Trust and they’ll do the rest.  US Mail runs on petroleum too, of course, so make it worth it – hit up your local salons and groomers and collect a big box!  The Derailleurs had a haircutting party last night and if we weren’t already the cutest freakin thing on two or three wheels, we sure are now – and feeling much lighter, too.

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