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The Saga of Mini Bike Winter, Part One: Thrilling Thursday and Fascinating Friday

February 26, 2010

Oh Portland!  You were so good to us!  Yesterday Agent Chaos shared Richie Thomassen’s awesome Mini Bike Winter 2010 documentary:

and I got all misty just watching it – awww, look at all those kids beating each other in the head!  So here I am to share the story with you all before any more precious details slip, uh, down the drain of my memory….

On the morning of Thursday 2/11, I (Agent F-Word) woke up early and went to the grocery store for breakfast provisions on the way to Agent DoubleOO HQ.  DoubleOO, Agent Pulse and Agent Off Road spent many hours on Wednesday night wrenching on the bus, cleaning up and filtering grease, but we still had a lot to do – so much that even though we finished breakfast before noon, we didn’t get on the highway til past nine that night.

Agents Pulse, Double00 and F-Word and some dirty, dirty grease

But get on the road we did, at last – loaded up with 150 gallons of vegetable grease, twelve bikes, a tricycle and eight very psyched people.  Our mighty steed: a 35-foot 1961 Crown schoolbus, runs diesel and veggie oil (remember that – it’s called foreshadowing), which has taken the likes of the Sprockettes and the Trunk Boiz on tour as well.  On board: Agents Chaos, DoubleOO, F-Word, Instigata’, Pulse, Road Rash and Take the Lane, and fearless and peerless He-railleur Xian.  Meeting us in Portland: Agents Flux and Arson.  Excelsior!

Instigata, Chaos and Pulse in the only actual seat left on the bus

Friday morning we woke up at a rest stop near Shasta, the red rocks and pines beautiful in the mist, the river a deep turquoise (what else?).  We drove all day – the Crown may be awesome, but it’s not the fastest vehicle on the road – and all day in a bus might sound boring, but we’ve got videos to prove that it wasn’t.  32 feet is plenty of room to stretch out and read, sew patches, draw comics, practice tumbling on the mattress, or have a flashlight dance party to Pantera and Balkan music.  Disco disco partisani!

This is actually from the way home, but we had bus dance parties on the northward trip too. We are pretty much a super non-stop over-rocking disco party.

We got into Portland at five minutes to midnight, parallel-parked the bus as every neighbor on the street came out to gawk, and dragged our giant piles of stuff into the house of our wonderful hosts Emily and Chuck.  After that, I can’t remember what happened – so either we fell asleep immediately as befits our long and exhausting journey, or we drank some beer.  Maybe both?

L-R: Darth Vader, Agent Double00, Agent Double00's new best friend the hot green puma

NEXT UP: Part Two, Scintillating Saturday!  Stay tuned!

– Agent F-Word, photos by Agent Take the Lane

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  1. February 26, 2010 6:28 pm

    epic. can’t wait for the rest!

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